Goals and visions!

As developers of Platio, being committed to environmentally friendly technologies, we have the aim to create a clean and energy-independent future, in which we create a new basis for urban life with taking into consideration the perspectives of information based society.
Our mission is, by continuously improving our products and by developing new fields of applications and with a more complex than ever, yet, logical system of services, to ensure sustainable development.




Community Grid

When applied in public areas (sidewalks, small squares), it is used in the appropriate legal and infrastructural environment as a small community “power plant” decentralizing electric networks for the daytime, since as a larger contiguous area it behaves exactly like a solar farm with the difference that there is no need for delivery to the users but it can be used immediately on the site.

Furthermore, when it comes to larger surfaces (large squares), where the public area paving is not only generating for the use of small communities, by feeding in to the power network, the paving can be used as a power plant which results in a calculable payback and profit for the investor and the maintainer.


Platio can provide room for new advertising surfaces, can open up new channels of communication and can provide new services for users. There is a possibility for simple but variable image display both in the simple glass- and the solar-powered systems, which can be tailored uniquely to customer needs. It reforms traffic navigation in busy junctions; it provides platform for information hot-spots for sending simple messages to smart devices or for providing various smart services. The holographic technological innovations will definitely bring us to the future regarding this technology, opening up new dimensions in interpreting our surroundings, making the amount and possible appearance of the available information infinite.



Community Energy Storage

Today’s biggest energetics problem is how to store the generated energy with proper efficiency. In addition to the implementation of community energy, Platio’s team is planning to apply an energy storage system without lithium-based batteries, with the help of which it will be possible to store energy generated in the daytime and use it during the night. This system is to be based on a newly published technology: hydrogen cells and Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES). The energy storage system created this way will be able to cover energy needs ranging from a standard family house to smaller neighborhoods, providing cheap and renewable energy for everybody.

Facade Coverings

One of the biggest advantages of Platio opposed to the currently used pavements is that it has a very low raw material need, hence it is light weighted. Benefiting from this this technological advantage, Platio is planning to enter the market of facade coverings as well with solar powered and noble stone coatings. The currently used modular system provides a possibility for vertical installation as well, furthermore, the solar powered-system will be upgradable with a solar tracking system.

Mobile Utilization

Due to its extremely easy installation, it is very much suitable for rapid events. It can provide a local solution for powering small booths in festivals and expos, in addition, due to its linking technology it can substitute mobile floorings used in front of large stages.