Currently the PLATIO is using photovoltaic effect to generate electricity. We always wanted to make a product that is efficient as a classical solar cell and that is why we decided to use monocrystalline Si cells. This choice ensures that the PLATIO’s real energy harvesting performance can be comparable to solar cells. The units contain the configurable electric network which is a semi serial and parallel circuit. We are currently using IP69+ certificated connectors to ensure the bulletproof connections between the units. Thanks to the very compact design of our current prototype the nominal performance of one square meter area is up to 160 peak watts.

The energy harvesting system is made of solar panels integrated in tempered glass. This allows the panels to be configurable to the chosen application in colour as well as in technology. Depending on the actual need, the size of the solar panels within a PLATIO cell can be also chosen. For maximal efficiency we are able to install 4 pieces of 6” cells in a panel, while surface lighting requires 4 pieces of 5” solar cells.








Platio Thin Layer Wearing Course technology

The support system which holds the cover has a unique design and is able to accept a slice of natural stone or concrete or any regular paver material. It gives a less than half price solution with the same result and the possibility to change your mind to optimize your area however you prefer.